Labor Day offers a great opportunity to pause and reflect on the many people who work (paid or not) on behalf of our communities. The reporters, photographers and interns at Pamplin Media Group embrace their roles as public watchdogs. So if, let’s say, a state lawmaker behaves badly a county fair, we’ll give you the real story about what happened after he fails to put out that cigarette. 

But our newsrooms also are on the lookout for those whose labor benefits the rest of us, from the former heroin addict who is now training others how to prevent overdoses, to the pet-loving residents of Southeast Portland who are rescuing dogs from war-torn Ukraine to long-time public school teachers, worn out by two years of a global pandemic.

Labor Day, or any day, we’re working to bring you the unique stories that help you better understand your neighbors and neighborhoods.

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We all benefit from knowing what’s happening in our backyard.
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